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Fucithalmic Eye Drops

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Fucithalmic viscous eye drops contain the active ingredient fusidic acid 1%, which is a type of medicine called an antibiotic. Fusidic acid works by preventing the bacteria from producing proteins that are essential to them. Without these proteins the bacteria cannot grow, replicate and increase in numbers.

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Fusidic Acid Doesn't Directly Kill The Bacteria, But Leaves Them Unable To Increase In Numbers And The Remaining Bacteria Eventually Die Or Are Destroyed By The Immune System. This Clears Up The Infection.

How to use

Wash Your Hands Before Using The Eye Drops Fucithalmic Eye Drops Come In A Tube Rather Than A Bottle. The Tube Contains A Thick Liquid That Becomes More Runny Once It'S In Your Eye One Drop Should Be Put Into The Affected Eye(S) Twice A Day (Morning And Evening) Treatment Should Be Continued For As Long As Your Doctor Has Prescribed. Don'T Stop Treatment Early If Your Eye Feels Or Looks Better - Treatment Should Not Be Stopped Until 48 Hours After Your Eye Looks Normal When Using These Eye Drops Take Care To Not Touch The Tip Of The Tube To Any Surface, Or To Your Eye, In Order To Avoid Contaminating The Eye Drops After Using The Drops You May See A White Powder Around Your Eye. This Is Normal And Nothing To Worry About; It Can Sometimes Happen When The Drops Dry Out. It You Can Wipe The Powder Off With Cotton Wool If You Forget A Dose Of The Drops Don'T Worry, Just Use Them As Soon As You Remember And Then Continue With Your Next Dose As Usual


Fusidic Acid 1%

Warning / Cautions

Don't Wear Any Type Of Contact Lenses While You Are Using These Eye Drops To Treat Your Eye Infection Make Sure You Complete The Course Of Treatment Prescribed By Your Doctor, Even If It Seems That The Infection Has Cleared Up. Stopping The Course Early Increases The Chance That The Infection Will Come Back And That The Bacteria Will Grow Resistant To The Antibiotic These Eye Drops Are For Use In The Eyes Only. Do Not Put Them In Your Ears Or Nose, Or Take Them By Mouth Fucithalmic Eye Drops Are Sterile Until Opened. The Tubes Contain A Preservative That Helps Keep The Eye Drops Sterile Once They Are In Use. However, Any Medicine Remaining In The Tube After It Has Been Open For Four Weeks Or More Is Likely To Be Contaminated With Germs And Should No Longer Be Used Don'T Keep It For Use In Future Eye Infections. The Drops Should Be Disposed Of Carefully, Preferably By Returning To Your Pharmacy You May Find It Helpful To Write The Date Of First Opening On The Packet

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