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800-Pharmacy is the first licensed ‘Smart Healthcare Platform’ that instantly delivers prescription medicine, health products and services to customers in a safe and timely manner. Our easy-to-use platforms and tools are available 24/7 and allow users to quickly place and receive their orders in 30 - 90 minutes. 800-Pharmacy is able to effectively service the community through our numerous innovative and cutting edge solutions.

We provide the fastest, easiest way to order medicine and dispense prescriptions. We plan to have all MOH Licensed Medicines readily available for order on our applications. Current pharmacy delivery services and experiences are not up to the standards expected from the UAE community and the healthcare industry. 800-Pharmacy is transforming the way people think about medicine and healthcare delivery by offering a fast, transparent, safe and reliable service from premium partners.

  • Available 24/7
  • Instant Delivery
  • Accepts Insurance
  • Sells Medicine
  • Dispense Prescriptions
  • Customer Service
  • Payment Methods
  • Loyalty & Rewards