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Meditape zinc oxide tape is ideal for strong fixation of non-Occlusive dressing material and medical tape. A stronger, more adhesive tape that stays fixed for longer. Ideal for strapping and taping in first aid and sports applications. The tape is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

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Meditape Zinc Oxide Tape Is Ideal For Strong Fixation Of Non-Occlusive Dressing Material And Medical Tape. A Stronger, More Adhesive Tape That Stays Fixed For Longer. Ideal For Strapping And Taping In First Aid And Sports Applications. The Tape Is Hypoallergenic, Making It Suitable For Sensitive Skin. This Powerful Sports Tape For Taping And Strapping Is Made Of Zinc Oxide, Which Is Ideal For Limiting Movement In Injured Joints. Light, Hardwearing And Non-Stretching, The Tape Conforms Readily To The Shape Of The User And It Has A Serrated Edge That Enables It To Be Torn Accurately Without The Need For Scissors. Zinc Oxide Tape Is One Of The Most Used Strong Sports Strapping, A Cohesive, Non Stretch Cotton Tape With A Zinc Oxide Adhesive That Conforms To The Area You Are Taping. They Are Commonly Used By Athletes To Prevent Sports Injuries, Protect Wounds And Help Cuts Heal Faster. It Is Often Applied To Protect The Wrist, Knee, Ankle, Or Other Joints Of The Body. It Can Also Support Muscles To Stabilize Injured Ligaments. Due To Its Unique Properties, Zinc Oxide Tape Remains Intact When Worn For A Long Period Of Time, And Tolerates Moisture, Even In Humid Environments. Zinc Oxide Tape Should Be Wrapped Around The Joint Area Where It Can Not Restrict Blood Flow And Must Not Be Wrapped Around The Muscle. Zinc Oxide Tape Is Also Ideal For Strapping The Feet To Prevent Blisters And To Protect Them Against Injury, Especially In Sports. Zinc Oxide Tape Tears Easily By Hand Along Its Length And Width, Without Requiring The Use Of Scissors, Whilst Moulding To The Contours Of The Body. This Is Beneficial In Cases Of Immediate Necessity Or Emergency. Another Benefit Is That These Zinc Oxide Tapes Are Skin Friendly.

How to use

Zinc Oxide Tape Tears Easily By Hand Along Its Length And Width, Without Requiring The Use Of Scissors, Whilst Moulding To The Contours Of The Body


Made Of 100% Rayon With Zinc Oxide Adhesive

Warning / Cautions

Product Contains Colophony To Increase The Adhesiveness. But It Won'T Cause Allergy

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