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3M Nexcare Maternity Support Medium

The nexcare maternity support is a latex-Free, elasticated support belt that can help to ease some of the physical discomfort associated with heavy pregnancy.

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It Provides Gentle But Firm Support Underneath Your Bump To Lift The Extra Weight, Relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain And Reduce Pressure On The Lower Back. Medium: Waist: 91-112Cm

How to use

1. Place The Abdominal Support Pad (Asp) In A Lifting Position Under The Abdomen. Fasten It In Place By Wrapping Its Strap Around Your Body And Attaching The Velcro Hook To The Asp 2. Place The Asp As Low Under Your Abdomen As Possible, But Not So Low As To Interfere With Your Lefs When You Walk Or Sit. Slide The Asp Up Slightly Until It Doesn'T Interfere With Your Legs When Lifted 3. Grip The Belt Securely At Both Ends As Shown. Stretch It Forwards And Attach It To The Asp. You Can Adjust The Tension And Support You Feel According To The Amount You Stretch The Belt. The Belt Should Fit Comfortably, But Not Too Tight. To Prevent Skin Irritation, Be Sure The Velcro Hook On The Ends Of The Belt Is Entirely On The Asp And Doesn'T Touch Your Skin 4. For An Extra Sense Of Security, Lightly Stretch The Tummy Strap Over And Attach It To The Velcro Loop On The Opposite Side. The Tummy Strap Is Not Essential, But Many Prefer To Have It. You Can Also Use The Strap To Help Hold The Back Support Up While You Are Positioning It. The Choice To Use It Or Remove It Is Yours 5. As An Option, Lay On Your Back With Knees Drawn Up. Release The Ends Of The Belt, Stretch It Again, Re-Attach It To The Asp And Stand Up. This Will Lift The Abdomen Higher To Achieve Even Greater Relief From Sagging Weight. Repeat This Step Each Time You Put On Your Support 6. Maternity Support Can Be Expanded To Accommodate Growth Of The Baby By Simply Fastening Further Away From The Centre Of Abdominal Support Pad 7. Note: Hand Wash In Cold Or Warm Water With Mild Detergent. Hang Dry. Do Not Machine Wash Or Dry. Take Care To Cover Velcro Hook So It Does Not Tear The Fabric As You Handle It

Warning / Cautions

If This Product Causes Discomfort At Any Time, Discontinue Use And Consult Your Physician Or Health Care Professional Always Consult Your Physician Or Health Care Professional For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Any Unusual Symptoms That You Experience Do Not Machine Wash Or Dry

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