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Mebo burn ointment was originally developed for the local and systemic treatment of burns. It has been found that the ointment, when applied topically to the burn wounds, liquefies and removes necrotic tissues, meanwhile protects and promotes the regeneration of residual viable skin tissues. During the entire treatment, wounds are kept in a physiological moist environment where all lives rely on for survival, in contrast to the conventional surgical burn therapy that requires the wound be kept in a dry environment.

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Mebo Burn Ointment Was Originally Developed For The Local And Systemic Treatment Of Burns. It Has Been Found That The Ointment, When Applied Topically To The Burn Wounds, Liquefies And Removes Necrotic Tissues, Meanwhile Protects And Promotes The Regeneration Of Residual Viable Skin Tissues. During The Entire Treatment, Wounds Are Kept In A Physiological Moist Environment Where All Lives Rely On For Survival, In Contrast To The Conventional Surgical Burn Therapy That Requires The Wound Be Kept In A Dry Environment. Mebo Acts By: 1- Providing An Optimum Physiological Moisture Necessary For Regeneration And Repair. 2- Inducing An Anti-Inflammatory Effect Reducing Thereby Edema And Erythema. 3- Creating An Atmosphere Unfavorabie For Bacterial And Fungal Colonization. 4- Isolating And Protecting Exposed And Injured Nerve Endings Producing Thereby An Analgesic Effect. 5- Providing Local Nutrition For Wound Bed Cells. 6- Liquefying The Necrotic Tissue. 7- Lsolafing And Protecting The Wound Bed From Environmental Factors But At The Same Time Maintaining Drainage And Gaseous Exchange. 8- Reducing Body Fluids Loss From Damaged Skin (Burns). 9- Absorbing Residual Heat In Acute Burn Wounds. 10- Expediting Epithelialization With Exceptionally Acceptable Cosrnesrs.

How to use

Please Read Thr Box/Leaflet Carefully Before You Use


Mebo Is Of Natural And Herbal Edible O(Lgln, It Is Composed Of BA·Sitosterol 0.25% As The Main Active Ingredient. The Base Of The Ointment Is Composed Of Sesame Oil And Beeswax. Tn Addition To That, Mebo Includes In Its Formula 18 Amino Acids. 4 Major Fatty Acids, Vitamins. And Polysaccharides.

Warning / Cautions

Mebo Ointment May Change Its Physical Appearance During Storage. Especially During Hot Seasons. But It Does Not Loose Its Efficacy

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